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Stem Cell Therapy and Exosomes

I recently had an injection of induced pluripotent stem cells. The first thing I noticed is that my lung function improved. The reason for this is that after the injection of stem cells in my arm they went directly to my lung. The injection itself took around 20 minutes but it completely changed my life. My kidney function improved, my immunity improved and best of all my rotator cuff tears in my shoulders improved. I felt better. In the past I would get respiratory viral infections but no longer after the stem cells. When I was exposed to very cold weather, I would need pulmonary inhalers. I no longer need them. My COPD and bronchitis improved. I no longer have symptoms. My thinking got clearer and my energy improved. I plan on repeating these several times just to make sure I stay healthy.

Stem cells are made in the bone marrow. When the body is traumatized and there is damage, they are mobilized in a moments notice. The stem cells are attracted to areas of inflammation. Stem cells carry vesicles that contain messenger RNA and various signaling proteins to get to the damage areas and repair them these vesicles also make a anti-inflammatory cytokine to stop the inflammation there is a shift back to Th1 immunity making it potentially effective for autoimmune disorders there are also effective in acute and chronic infections. A local injection is beneficial for musculoskeletal and disc pain.

When it comes to stem cell therapy many physicians are performing bone marrow harvesting or liposuction for fat tissue. The problem is there are surgical procedures and can have complications. There is pain, risks and the cost involved. The other problem is that the stem cells are only as good as the age of the patient there taken from. As you know as we age, we do not heal well, and we produce fewer and fewer stem cells and have less viable and less effective growth factors. As people age their own stem cells do not show the effectiveness as a younger person.

It turns out that umbilical cords of newborns contain a huge amount of stem cells and since they are from newborns there are much more active and effective. Another solution is to expand your own stem cells over a period and then reinject them back this is known as induced pluripotent stem cells. They were extremely effective for me.

As the stem cells migrate when they release vesicles with RNA, messenger RNA and different signaling proteins. These vesicles are called exosomes. It is these vesicles that are the mechanisms behind the regenerative power of stem cells. The good news is I can now inject exosomes for my patients. They go anywhere in the body the needs it. These exosomes do not clump together. The other benefits of these is that they are not recognizes by the body as foreign and avoid the immune response. I use both together that is both stem cells and exosomes for the best possible result.

Prior to the administration of these therapies testing is performed to ascertain that the therapies will be effective after injection. These include intravenous therapies and various forms of detoxification and stem cell expansion.

If you would like further information on stem cells or exosomes, please call my office at 480-860-2030.

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