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Silver Cancer Institute & Center for Chronic Disease

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(480) 860-2030

What Are Your Options Having Stage 4 Cancer?

What Are Your Options Having Stage 4 Cancer?

Stage 4 cancers imply that there is distant metastasis throughout the body.

Whether this involves fluid in the lung cavity, or abdominal fluid, or bone spread I have dealt with all of them. The only way that I have found to give my patients a good quality of life is to address all the organ and body failures at the same time.

Testing is an essential component of stage 4 cancer therapies. By using targeted, gene driven therapies, which are in low dose I can give the patient a high quality of life. Personalized cancer testing can now, with precision find out which chemotherapy and natural substances will work with your particular cancer.Read More

A few of the cancers treated here at the Silver Cancer Institute include:

Lung Cancer: Unfortunately, lung cancer is very common with a high mortality, and metastasis is very common. More than half the cases will have metastasis at the time of the first diagnosis. Most lung cancer patients have smoked, although 15% of all lung cancers diagnosed are in people who never smoked. These people have a high expression of P58 and cJUN N-terminal kinase genes. The risk for a non-smokers spouse of a smoker is increased 30%. Exposure to radon gas entering a home from the ground can more than double the risk of lung cancer. These patients have reduced glutathione S transferaseM-1. We treat Non-small cell lung cancer-NSCLC (most common form of lung cancer). Small cell lung cancer, SCLC, is much less common, but has a very progressive, rapid course. The targets of therapy include tyrosine kinase receptor inhibitors, NFkappaB inhibitors, angiogenesis inhibitors, and inhibitors of k-Ras, MET, IGF-1, FGFR, and other genetic biomarkers. Our therapies are aimed at suppressing these specific biomarkers and others.

Ovarian Cancer: This is associated with talcum powder in the vaginal area, hair dyes, antidepressants, obesity, high blood pressure, and infertility. BRAC-1 and BRAC-2 are seen in 15% of cases. 90% are adenocarcinomas. Treatment includes, debulking surgery, which I feel should be followed by low dose, genetically targeted chemotherapies, hormonal therapies, immuno therapies, and targeted therapies. These targeted therapies include inhibiting angiogenesis, and the P13K pathway as well MYC oncogene and TGFbeta1. I have found many natural substances, which are used intravenously, to be quite effective.

Gastric Cancer: These are usually in adenocarcinoma with a poor 5-year survival of 25% using traditional medicine only. We integrative oncology to increase response rates.
Brain Cancer: The worst brain cancer is glioblastoma. Glioblastoma multiforme has a positive MET oncogene through the Erb-B3 as well as NFkappaB. Treatment includes the use of Temozolomide which inhibits mTOR pathway and induces autophagy new treatments involving radio frequency ablation with laser light are being used. I use many targeted therapies that I’ve found to be effective.

Leukemia: This is cancer of the white blood cell that originates in the bone marrow. They are divided into acute and chronic as well as lymphoblastic and myelocytic. Genetic testing is essential.

Prostate Cancer: As reported in the New England Journal of Medicine on October 16, 2016 the management of prostate cancer over a 10-year period was discussed in great detail. Mortality was low no matter what treatment was used. I have treated many prostate patients over the years and I use individualized treatment protocol.

All other cancers are treated in this office through dedicated genetic testing using low dose chemotherapy, natural substances, and immuno therapy.

Stage 4 Cancer Protocols

We treat the whole person, not just the cancer.

The goals of treatment include: Targeted genomic treatments, low dose chemo therapy, minimize chemo resistance, intravenous/natural substances, improve nutritional state, reduce side effects, improve quality of life, support overall immunity, decrease spread and metastasis, raise oxygen level, spiritual empowerment, detoxification, and explore your dental issues.

I belong to two hospital staffs and if you experience any emergency as a cardiologist and critical care doctor I can give you the best quality of care. Stage 4 cancer patients need a high level of expertise in a doctor which I can provide to you.

If you have stage 4 cancer and need answers when your chemotherapy has failed, please call me (480) 860-2030. I have extended the lifespan of many patients over the years, and I hope you will call me with your questions.

Dean R. Silver M.D., M.D.(H)

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