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Multiple Sclerosis


Multiple Sclerosis

I feel that multiple sclerosis is multifactorial the final end point is an autoimmune mediated inflammatory response that attacks the myelinated axons in the central nervous system, destroying the myelin and the axon in variable degrees. This is probably secondary to mercury. Infections, gluten, and other toxins. There are autoantibodies against the myelin around the nerves.

In most cases, the disease follows a relaxing-remitting pattern, where short-term episodes of neurologic deficits that resolve completely or most completely. A minority of patients experience steadily progressive neurologic deterioration.

Multiple sclerosis is diagnosed in the background of clinical findings and supportive evidence from testing such as MRI of the brain and a cerebrospinal fluid examination.

The diagnosis requires repeated clinical attacks suggesting the appearance of lesions separated in time and space; however, recent guidelines allow diagnosis of MS even with the first clinical episode, as long as the ancillary test supports separation of lesions in time and space.

From an integrative view point, multiple sclerosis appears to be an autoimmune disease precipitated by many factors.

There are abnormalities of TH1, TH2, and TH17 regulatory cells resulting in demyelinization. There is also evidence of mitochondrial dysfunction, as well as an increase inflammatory response and glutamate toxicity, again, all resulting in demyelinization.



There have been many recorded cases in the literature that patients suffering multiple sclerosis which later tested positive for Lyme. In addition, there are coinfections namely ehrlichia, Babesia, Bartonella, mycoplasma, and chlamydia.

In patients with MS that come to me, I feel that these infections should be ruled out. There is evidence that these infections secrete a biofilm resulting in chronic cerebrospinal fluid venous insufficiency (CCSVI) which is a stenosis of either the jugular or azygos veins draining the head. After an appropriate diagnosis with Doppler ultrasound some patients have been undergone a ballooning procedure with improvement.


such as herpes, HHV6, varicella, Epstein Barr, and retroviruses have also been implicated in multiple sclerosis.

PARASITES, as well as protomyxzoa, especially the FL1953 have been implicated.



We know that mercuric chloride is toxic at low concentrations to oligodendroglia cells resulting in cell death through apoptosis.

Symptoms of mercury toxicity include chronic fatigue, depression, poor memory and cognitive function, emotional instability, peripheral numbness and tingling, decreased in sensation of touch, hearing or vision, hypersensitivity and allergies, persistent infections including yeast overgrowth, compromised immune function, and cardiovascular disease.

Often mercury levels are often elevated in MS patients, and may result from a variety of sources. These include dental amalgams, mercury contamination in fish and soil, and coal released into the air.


Autoimmunity may be precipitated by virus, infections, heavy metals, and environmental toxins. These are evaluated using predictive autoantibodies to see if there are antibodies to the myelin sheath and our blood brain barrier.


There is evidence that patients with multiple sclerosis have mitochondrial dysfunction with increased reactive oxygen species, liberation of glutamate, elevated tumor necrosis factor, and inflammatory cascade resulting in neuronal death.


I use an integrated approach to treat multiple sclerosis.

It appears to be an autoimmune, inflammatory, and mitochondrial dysfunction disease resulting in demyelinization and subsequent pathology.

The etiology remains multifactorial. This may include lyme and its coinfections, virus, parasite, protomyxzoa, especially FL1953; heavy metals, gluten or electromagnetic radiation.

There is evidence in the recent literature to suggest that with activation by biofilm, secondary to organisms and metals there is resultant chronic cerebrospinal fluid insufficiency resulting in jugular or azygos stenosis with resultant compromised cerebral circulation with a resultant autoimmune response.

There is also evidence of autoimmune and mitochondrial dysfunction.

The above factors are all elevated in the patients.

Mitochondrial dysfunction, autoimmune imbalance, infections, and heavy metals are all evaluated. Infections are killed. Metals are detoxed. Mitochondrial function is improved and free radicals eliminated.

Transcranial Doppler might also be obtained to rule out chronic cerebrospinal fluid insufficiency.

Obviously, intravenous therapies, as well as detoxification and dietary changes are used. Finally, recent literature suggests that autologous human stem cells, which I perform, might be used in multiple sclerosis to give added benefits. If you suffer from multiple sclerosis and wish to be evaluated by these methods, please call my office for an appointment.

I also use the intravenous glutathione, IV OZONE Myers cocktail, Q10 and other nutritionals, CHELATION OF METAL ESPECIALLY MERCURY as well as DHA and hormones to improve brain health. In addition to this, intravenous ozone is used under an investigational research board study.

I also use PEMF magnet therapy, photon therapy, hyperbaric oxygen and far infra red sauna to help detoxify.


If you wish to follow a integrative approach, please call me.

Best in health,

Dean R. Silver, M.D.

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