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Silver Cancer Institute & Center for Chronic Disease

7629 E. Pinnacle Peak Rd. Suite 108
Scottsdale, AZ 85255

(480) 860-2030


Early prevention and antiaging medicine. A new paradigm and life Extension

New intravenous therapies

A new paradigm shift. We need to slow down the aging process and concentrate on disease prevention.

Most of the healthcare dollar is spent on diseases of aging these include high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attacks, cancer and diseases compromising her cognition and brain health. Most of the last few years of her life is spent on chemotherapy, intensive care unit visits and costly medication.

Our genes are not our destiny by our genetic expression or epi genomics are our destiny.

Over the years I have been sick and suffered from cancer and a mild heart attack 20 years ago. I am now cancer free and do not suffer from any heart disease. I also suffered from immunodeficiency which I have now conquered.

Some of the reasons we age include mitochondrial dysfunction and free radicals, inflammation, autoimmune disease, elevated blood sugar, hormone decline, telomere shortening, decreased oxygen utilization, toxins, infections, heavy metals as well as nutritional deficiencies.

I believe it is absolutely essential to perform individualized testing to determine where you are in your life. Most of us are toxic and we all have multiple infections. I test for your metabolism, vitamin deficiencies, toxic exposure, malabsorption, amino acids, fatty acids, free radicals, infections, hormone levels, homocystine level, adrenal testing autoimmune testing, gastrointestinal testing, and your complete set of genes called single nucleotide polymorphisms. I believe it is also important to know your telomere length at baseline before beginning this program but most importantly it needs to be rechecked at a later point in time to make sure that it is increasing. Since I am a cancer survivor I do cancer testing once a year to make sure I remain cancer free. Obviously traditional testing is also important.

Once testing is performed a personalized program is developed for each patient. No to people are the same. I believe that intravenous therapies to correct deficiencies lower inflammation and squelch the free radicals is absolutely essential. I have been doing intravenous therapy myself for approximately 20 years. I believe this has kept me cancer free and has stopped my chest pain and arrhythmia. Most importantly my immune function has increased. I am better now than I was 20 years ago.

Keep in mind that not only do we developed deficiencies and vitamins, amino acids, minerals and other cofactors but we also developed decreased oxygen utilization. This can be reversed with the use of intravenous ozone. Ozone is also a regulator of the immune system, improve circulation, is anti-inflammatory and has the ability to kill many infections.

The rationale for intravenous nutrition therapy is quite simple. Intravenous administration of nutrients can achieve serum concentrations that are not obtainable with oral administration. For example oral doses of vitamin C cannot reach the level of intravenous administration. The highest serum vitamin C level observed after all administration of pharmacologic doses of vitamin C was 9.3. In contrast IV administration of 50 g of vitamin C resulted in a mean peak plasma level of 80 mg per DL. For example an anti viral effect was only seen after IV therapy not oral therapy. High-dose vitamin C forms peroxide and human cells and can kill cancer cells. Normal cells have adequate levels of catalase which detoxifies the peroxide to hydrogen water. Cancer cells on the other hand had 10-100 times less catalase than do healthy cells. The hydrogen peroxide is effective in cancer treatment.

Magnesium plays a key role in energy production and many of us are deficient. I do intravenous magnesium a few times a week to maintain adequate levels for my heart brain and various organs in my body.

Adequate levels of glutathione are essential. It is the major antioxidant system in the body. Low glutathione levels predict disease. It is a wonderful antioxidant and helps with detoxification. I have seen dramatic results using it and Parkinson’s disease as well as many other chronic diseases.

Other intravenous therapies include zinc, curcumin, selenium, heavy metal detox therapies with chelation, phosphatidylcholine, Nad and many others.
The other benefit of intravenous therapy is that it works almost instantaneously and many of us that are sick and not absorb the oral form.

I believe that IV therapy is beneficial. I have suffered from some devastating chronic diseases and have definitely found it beneficial for me.

For further information please contact the office at 480-860-2030.

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