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Brain Health

Brain disease the new epidemic of neurodegenerative disease.

A integrative approach to alzheimer’s, parkinson, multiple sclerosis, amylotropic lateral sclerosis and neuropathy.

Chronic neurological diseases are on the rise. i am writing this because i watched my father die of alzheimer’s disease. it was devastating to witness. he died at the age of 92. he was a dentist suffering from mercury poisoning from his patient’s amalgams. we now know that mercury in any form is a neurotoxin. he also had hormonal deficiency , lyme and viral infections, multiple vitamin deficiencies and abnormal genes interfering with brain function.

I myself am a heart attack and cancer survivor. i am now dedicated to disease prevention. i use traditional as well as alternative and integrative treatments. our health is created by the biochemistry of our cells and the toxic environment we all live in. no two people are the same. i practice personalized genomic medicine.

You don’t have to be a victim . disease is not a simple cause and effect condition. your genes are the loaded gun and the environment pulls the trigger. Disease is a complex interaction between both genetic and environmental factors. epigenomics is the new science of understanding how our environment turns on or off our genes . We all need to turn on our beneficial genes and silence our bad genes in order to have a healthier and longer disease free life. i know my genes, they are my crystal ball. you need to measure yours also once in your life. you can then tailor your therapies and lifestyle to optimize your genetic expression.

Fortunately for us the environment is much more important than our genes .you can start doing something about you toxic environment today. your lifestyle, vitamins, detoxification , hormones, nutrition, sleep and mental attitude can help start revitalizing and repairing your brain cells today.

To understand the causes and course of alzheimer’s, parkinson’s ,multiple sclerosis and amylotropic lateral sclerosis one needs to under the complexity of the brain’s immune system. these cells are normally in the resting state, but when they are activated they begin to attack the brain . they are called microgial cells.

This neuronal attack is caused by excitoxins like glutamate (found in msg, aspartame, soy, yeast and whey isolates) gluten sensitivity and other cross reacting foods, virus, bacteria, parasites, lyme, fungus, heavy metals toxic chemicals and electromagnetic fields (emf). radiation from cell phones, computers, plasma televisions, microwaves, and electric wires supplying our homes are
after years later with activation of these immune cells there is inflammation with neuronal destruction and death. did you know that a high sugar diet can also harm your brain cells? i also feel vaccines are also dangerous to your brain health.

In addition we know know that these disorders are also autoimmune in nature . the blood brain barrier surrounds the brain and protects it. when it is damaged, circulating antibodies can attack and destroy your brain cells and neurons. new scientific research now shows that a faulty blood brain barrier can result from toxic chemicals, metals and infections. this leads to brain cell destruction even later on in your life. the good news is we can now measure these autoantibodies to our brain cells and neurons. in addition we can measure which foods and toxins incite the attack.

Once we know the test results we can then make proactive changes. in fact we can now measure auto antibodies to all our organ systems . be proactive and get tested early before you have irreversible symptoms.

With a increasing toxic insults our mitochondria which produce energy and protect our brain cells are overwhelmed by the free radicals ( waste byproducts) generated inside them. . the rising glutamate, inflammation, auto antibodies and free radical stress resi.t in the downward spiral of chronc neurodegenerative disease.

You need to know your levels and your biochemistry. the reason for testing is simple. we all need to keep our brain in a state of optimal health. if the disease you have is already happening there are many options and decisions you can make now to slow, halt or reverse the symptoms before it is too late. the answer is not about taking prescription medication, it is about finding out the answer to why you are not feeling well.

I do in-depth testing of you mitochondria, vitamin and free radical levels, markers of inflammation ,homocysteine , infections ( bacteria, virus, parasites, lyme ), heavy metals, pesticides,solvents, fatty acids, brain neurotransmittors, amino acids, digestion, food allergy, gluten testing and immune function are preformed . autoantibodies to your brain and neurons are measured. i also measure your important genes called “snps” (single nucleotide polymorhisms) for outcome optimization.

The treatments are based on extensive individualized testing. they are personalized and genomic. they are aimed at lowering auto antibodies, restoring mitochondrial function, lowering free radicals, minimizing glutamate, eradicating infections, chelating heavy metals and restoring membrane and neuronal function.

Therapies include : iv vitamins, iv ozone (under a irb) , herbs, detoxification, ,natural hormone balance , photon therapy, magnetic therapy (pemf) , hyperbaric oxygen treatments (hbo), frequency specific micro current, vielight 810 infrared and the far infra red sauna. the medical
literature also is very favorable towards stem cell therapy and increasing your own neuronal stem cells naturally is important. some of these therapies are not fda approved, but i have found them quite useful for my health and the health of my patients.

A organic, non gmo, non hydrogenated , nutrient dense ketogenic diet is emphasized with brain building essential fatty acids and phospholipids. foods containing sugar, glutamate, gluten and saturated animal fat should be minimized. stress reduction and physical exercise are promoted. i also feel that certain prescription medication such as statins for elevated cholesterol levels are not indicated if you have a chronic neurodegenerative disease. in my opinion the statins are a neurotoxin and should be avoided.

Educate yourself and take control of your health today.

Please see my website at look under neurology for for a in depth discussion of each disease state. listen to my lecture series, my live radio shows and real patient testimonials.

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We treat complex chronic disease with a alternative, integrative more natural approach. public lectures in various topics are available, call for details.

Best in health,

Dean R. Silver, M.D., M.D(H)

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