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Alzheimer’s Part-3


The treatment of Alzheimer’s is multifaceted and is involved with decreasing free radicals, glycation, inflammation, as well as decreasing the production of beta amyloid and increasing elimination.

The abnormal tau protein is also stabilized, and immunotoxicity as well as hormone imbalance, infections, dental health, and heavy metals or pesticides is evaluated.

I believe that all children involved with combat sports should probably have a gene test to make sure they do not carry an increased susceptibility to mild cognitive impairment or Alzheimer’s at a later stage of their life.

Evaluation using professional cognitive testing along with SPECT brain scans and Amyvid PET scan is done along with a comprehensive battery of blood and urine tests.

These testings look at heavy metals, infections, gastrointestinal health, and neurotransmitter balance, autoimmune dysfunction, mitochondrial analysis, amino acids, fatty acids, minerals, free radicals, toxins, heavy metals, cytokine evaluation and gene testing.

Please keep in mind that Alzheimer’s and dementia is not part of the normal aging process.

  • If you have herpes sores on your mouth, Chlamydia, HIV, Lyme or poor dental health, you are at risk.
  • If you have amalgam fillings or work with heavy metals, you are at risk.
  • If you have poor dental heath with root canals, you are at risk.
  • If you are surrounded by electromagnetic radiation, you are at risk.

After evaluating your brain state, recommendations will be made concerning infection control, oral health, heavy metal toxicity, gut health, food allergies, inflammation, thick blood, and hormonal imbalances.

The progression of Alzheimer’s is not inevitable.

I also use other prescription drugs such as piracetam and many other modalities, such as hyperbaric oxygen and trans-magnetic stimulation using a pulsed-electromagnetic-frequency magnet (pemf), photon therapy with the light beam generator and microcurrent therapy After extensive blood and urine testing, a personalized program based on your needs is developed.

I use IV therapy, IV ozone and IV chelation to detoxify your heavy metals

If I may be of further assistance in evaluating your memory loss or that of a loved one, please call my office for a consultation.

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