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Silver Cancer Institute & Center for Chronic Disease

7629 E. Pinnacle Peak Rd. Suite 108
Scottsdale, AZ 85255

(480) 860-2030

Cancer Treatment Services in Scottsdale and Phoenix, AZ

There are new Personalized Cancer Testing which include genomic cancer evolution of gene bio markers, circulating tumor cells, as well as chemo sensitivity tests to find out which chemotherapy is effective. The cancer cells do not always stay in one place they escape even when the original tumor is small. These cells are called Circulating Cancer Stem Cells. We are now able to use tumor DNA testing to find mutations for resistance, as well as, what is driving the growth of the tumor. Chemosensitivity tell us what kind of chemotherapy and Natural Substances to substantially minimize your circulating cancer stem cells and prevent reoccurrence. Testing is also done for biomarkers to see what is driving your cancer to grow and spread.

What are your Options with Stage 4 Cancer and what should you do when your Chemotherapy Fails with chemo resistance? Read More

If you have experienced chemotherapy failure and resistance you need to get tested by us to know exactly what kind of chemotherapy, natural substances, and immuno therapy will work in your case. Remember, no two cancers are alike. For this reason we have customized therapies tailored for each individual. New studies have shown that this testing will improve your survival rate and minimize the side effects of treatment.

We have treated various types of cancer, such as Prostate, Lung, Liver, Breast, Pancreas, Colon, Brain, Uterine, Thyroid, Melanoma, Leukemia, Lymphoma, etc. If you Have Metastasis we can prolong your life and give you a higher quality of life. Chemotherapy is only administered when myself and a RN (registered nurse) are present.

I use Low Dose Metronomic Potentiated Chemotherapy to kill the bulk of your tumor however this is not enough. We are currently losing the war on cancer because Circulating Cancer Stem Cells exist after chemotherapy treatment and are not being treated. These cells cause tumors to metastasize and spread.

Conventional treatments which are maximally high doses of chemotherapy may kill the bulk of the cancer cells but the cancer stem cells are not effected by chemotherapy or radiation. In fact, these therapies cause them to multiply and spread, and also cause chemotherapy resistance. Because conventional therapy can make the cancer spread I have developed a new natural, non-toxic protocols which has proven to be the only way to minimize the circulating cancer stem cells. In a recent Harvard study, Dr. Chiang Li said, “Radiation and chemotherapy not only might create cancer stem cells, any pre-existing cancer stem cells in a tumor were very resistant to radiation and chemotherapy, so they remain again as well."

The shrinkage of tumors often lulls the patient into a false sense of security. If you have already had conventional treatments, it’s imperative that you use these natural therapies now to prevent reoccurrence. According to a recent article published in Nature April 14, 2016, "Cancer is continuously adapting therefore we have to do so as well." Our treatments address the entire body's environment to stop the growth of your cancer. As whole body treatments natural body treatments can act throughout the body positively effecting even distant metastasis. Our treatments offer you an opportunity for a better quality of life. You will be able to go through gentler treatment protocols to continue enjoying your life.

After reviewing this recent research, I have developed a new proprietary Low Dose Genetic Metronomic Chemotherapy based on your testing results. I use both low dose chemotherapy, antibiotics and natural substances to minimize your cancer. In addition we use Immunotherapy, Ozone/Ultraviolet, PEMF and Lymphatic Detoxification, and Vitamins in your treatment regimen. Learn what the Best Cancer Diet is.

Others conditions we treat include Lyme, Mold and Biotoxin, Autoimmune Disease. If you or a loved one is suffering and need answers you have found the right doctor to help.


About Dean R. Silver, M.D.,M.D. and Silver Cancer Institute, Scottsdale.


My name is Dean R. Silver M.D., M.D. (H). I am a fellowshipped, trained cardiologist who almost died from cancer in 2000. I also had a small heart attack with damage, heavy metal poisoning, low immunity, infections from virus and parasites, as well as autoimmune disease. I cured them all through alternative and integrative medicine. Since then.

As a child, I grew up in a moldy home and I had amalgam mercury fillings in most of my teeth with several infected root canals, which were placed throughout my life. I got very little sleep through college, medical school, residency, and my cardiology fellowship. The stress coupled with a bad diet, as well as exposure to thousands of hours of radiation in the hospital while I was inserting pacemakers added to my illness. I was a ticking time bomb waiting to explode.Read More

When I discovered just how sick I was, rather than undergo traditional chemotherapy and radiation or cardiac bypass with stenting, I treated my conditions with alternative modalities such as detoxification, vitamins, natural hormones, dietary changes, hyperbaric oxygen, IV ozone, and also ultraviolet light irradiation, intravenous vitamins, heavy metal chelation detoxification, photon therapy, PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic frequency), far infrared sauna, and microcurrent along with laser. They were all aimed at optimizing my genetic potential and expression. It was a costly journey but I won. I also suffered from leaky gut and autoimmune disease which I eventually cured through these methods. My health is now excellent.

I graduated from Temple University School of Medicine with an MD degree. I then finished the 3 year Internal Medicine Residency at the Albert Einstein School of Medicine. This was followed by a 2 year Invasive Cardiology Fellowship at the Deborah Heart and Lung Center. I had been fully trained in cardiac- catheterization and acute critical care cardiology. I am board certified traditionally by the American Board of Internal Medicine and I am also one of the first doctors in the world to become board certified by the American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine. I was also an oral board examiner of doctors from around the world. I am also one of the few elite doctors to have a homeopathic and integrative medical license from Arizona. I also maintain unrestrictive medical licenses in the states of Florida, Arizona and California.

I have primarily focused on curing myself and my health and I am now promoting overall health, as well as, life extension. I am also treating people with complex chronic disease such as cancer, Lyme, mold, ALS, MS, Parkinson's disease and all types of autoimmune disease. Unfortunately, our health care system comes in last among all the industrialized countries in the world. Our system is based on acute care medicine which is constructed to kill infections but is not equipped to manage chronic disease of aging such as cancer, high blood pressure, cardiac disease, high cholesterol, obesity, lung disease, Alzheimer's and autoimmune disease.

I hope you enjoy this website and I hope you can visit my office in Scottsdale Arizona where you can learn more about the therapies on this website.

Life is a journey and through my expertise, I will guide you to the best detection of early disease, treatments and therapies the entire world has to offer.

Dean R. Silver, M.D., M.D.

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