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Silver Cancer Institute & Center for Chronic Disease

7629 E. Pinnacle Peak Rd. Suite 108
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(480) 860-2030

Cancer Treatments in Phoenix, AZ

First Steps

What should be the first step if you have cancer?

We believe that integrative medicine provides the best answer.  It is a blend of both traditional and alternative medicine.  Here we practice peer-reviewed scientific treatments based on scientific studies from around the world.  The side effects of traditional therapy with chemotherapy, radiation and surgery are of paramount importance in your survival and long-term success.  No matter what you decide is best we can help you.  We will help you in your journey to wellness.


The problem with traditional chemotherapy is that it is high-dose. It kills cancer cells and normal cells. Another problem with traditional high-dose chemotherapy is that the cancer cells often develop resistance to the chemotherapy drugs, and they do not work.

The side effects of chemotherapy are fatigue, immunosuppression, nausea, vomiting, peripheral neuropathy, cardio toxicity, kidney, brain damage, diarrhea, cachexia, hair loss, mucositis, and others.

I believe that combinations of mistletoe, fermented wheat germ, soy, green tea, and many others are extremely useful before and after chemotherapy to decrease the side effects.

The good news at the Silver Cancer Institute, we use new technologies such as chemosensitivity and genetic profiling to help patients use exactly what they need. We use low-dose chemotherapy to avoid the toxic side effects of traditional dose chemo and natural substances that kill your cancer and reverse chemo resistance. These will also protect your good cells and raise your immunity.

Cancer Radiation

The Problem with Radiation is that it can damage healthy cells that are near the tumor. Damage to our normal cells cause side effects which can be detrimental to your health.
Radiation induced brain injury has both acute and delayed symptoms. Symptoms may include headache, nausea, and drowsiness due to the dilatation of blood vessels and edema. Later patients may experience memory loss and cognitive decline. There can be damage to the white matter in the brain and the myelin sheath surrounding your nerves.

If you are undergoing CANCER RADIATION to shrink your tumor cells the Silver Cancer Institute offers IV and oral therapies before and after radiation therapy to protect the good cells in your body. These natural substances include vitamin E, garlic, coenzyme Q 10, curcumin, resveratrol, quercetin, omega 3, zinc, selenium, lycopene, carnitine, isoflavones, beta carotene and ozone with hyperbaric oxygen.

Cancer Surgery

If you can eliminate the cancer by removing it from the body, then you might achieve a cure for your cancer. The problem is that after surgery the tumor frequently metastasizes to other parts in your body. The metastasis frequently is much more serious than the primary tumor was. It spreads to other vital organs of the body such as the liver, brain, and lung. Here it form new tumors in the new organs. For many tumors it is the metastasis that proves to be fatal and result in the death of the patient.

A growing body of scientific evidence now shows us that surgery can increase the risk of metastasis. Even though this contradicts traditional medicine multiple new studies are showing this to be evident in many cases.

After the surgery you need to prevent cancer metastasis. You need to choose a surgeon and anesthesiologist that uses the most modern techniques that may reduce metastasis. There are new advanced techniques that reduce metastatic risk.

A recent study on breast cancer patients showed that initially surgery increase survival but eight years later there was a spike in the reappearance of the cancer from the metastasis. This shows us that we need to examine the for mechanisms of cancer metastasis and develop a individualized program to prevent it in the future. We use IV therapy to prevent the metastasis.

My Approach

Here at the Silver cancer Institute we will develop a personalized individual program to meet your needs.  We feel that testing is imperative and will give you a much higher chance for a successful treatment. We treat your whole body and not just your cancer.  We believe detoxification and restoration of immune function is of the utmost importance to your success. We used a combination of low-dose metronomic chemotherapy, natural substances, immunotherapy, and cancer tumor vaccine from around the world.
Dr. Silver is a cancer survivor and has remained cancer free for 20 years.

If you would like more information, please contact us at 480-860-2030.

Here in Scottsdale Arizona I offer a state-of-the-art, science based center dealing with complex chronic disease. This includes integrative cancer therapies from around the world, integrative therapies for neurology, cardiology, Lyme infection, mold infection, autoimmune disease, antiaging medicine with intravenous therapies and stem cell therapies.

It is well recognized that the current medical systems worldwide are failing. Most diseases are chronic in nature and I feel they are best treated using an integrative approach.

Testing is now performed from around the world enabling the patient to have a crystal ball of what to expect based on his genes and biochemical individuality. I feel that genomic testing, toxin evaluation, infection eradication, telomere testing, hormone testing, and cancer testing is essential for health. We perform a new battery of tests never before available. I am now able to optimize health and prevent disease.

I have been a cancer survivor for 22 years by maintaining an optimal health. I can now check for circulating cancer stem cells in your blood and determine which natural substances and low-dose chemotherapy will work best in your case. Various cancer vaccines are also available. I have also survived a heart attack without cardiac stenting or surgery.

Therapies are aimed at improving your quality-of-life and of course extending your life. If you have been everywhere and still needing to have reasons why you have come to the right place. I practice scientifically reviewed medicine from around the world and bring it here to Scottsdale Arizona. I hope you enjoy the website.

If you have any questions or wish to discuss your medical condition in greater detail please call me at 480-860-2030.

Circulating Cancer Stem Cells


Circulating Cancer Stem Cells

These are part of your cancer tumor cells which multiply and spread, causing distant metastasis. This is why your chemotherapy fails and your cancer comes back. Circulating cancer stem cell levels must be measured because they predict remission and prognosis.

Chemosensitivity for Cancer


Chemosensitivity for Cancer.

No two cancers are the same. Using proprietary test results to determine which chemotherapy is most effective for your particular cancer.

Natural Substances for Cancer


Natural Substances for Cancer

You might be surprised to know there are over 3000 plant species with anticancer activity. Through testing we determine the most effective natural substances to use in treating your unique cancer. We utilize this information through testing to design a personalized treatment program specifically for you.

Low Dose / Metronomic Chemotherapy (IPT)


Low Dose / Metronomic Chemotherapy (IPT)

Adaptive Metronomic cancer treatments use about 1/10th of the standard chemotherapy dose. This low dose of chemotherapy allows us to target the cancer without the side effects of high dose chemotherapy. This prevents your cancer from metastasizing and causing chemotherapy resistance and failure.

Immunotherapy for Cancer


Immunotherapy for Cancer

This new treatment stimulates your own body’s immunity system through targeted therapies to kill your cancer. We use monoclonal antibodies, checkpoint inhibitors, and other cancer killing therapies to help suppress your cancer.

When Chemotherapy Fails


When Chemotherapy Fails

The problem with traditional maximum tolerated chemotherapy and radiation is that it does not take into consideration the population of circulating cancer stem cells. Maximum tolerated chemotherapy also increased chemotherapy resistance depending on your cancer genes which we can now measure.

How can I treat Cancer Metastasis


How can I treat Cancer Metastasis?

Most people die from cancer metastasis. By testing new biomarkers, we can tell you how and where your cancer is going to spread. Knowing this provides the insight to halt the metastasis process.

Options with Stage 4 Cancer


What are Your Options with Stage 4 Cancer?

Testing is an essential component of stage 4 cancer therapies. By using targeted, gene driven therapies, which are in low dose, I can give the patient a high quality of life. Personalized cancer testing can now, with precision find out which chemotherapy and natural substances will work with your particular cancer. As a cardiologist, I can treat any acute care emergency.

Cancer Nutrition


Cancer Nutrition

Since cancer is primarily concerned with energy metabolism, I believe we need to address the energy metabolism of the cancer. New scientific research has shown that cancer cells have damaged mitochondria and operate under aerobic glycolysis even in the presence of low oxygen levels. This means the cancer cell lives by fermenting sugar. Studies have now shown that with excess glucose as well as glutamine the cancer can grow and spread.

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